Snow-White Clean Kitchen? No Problem!


We want so much even from a very small kitchen: beauty, practicality, comfort and cleanliness. But, I must say that all these requirements are quite feasible, not only with a wave of a magic wand, but using a well-thought-out layout and reasonable technological solutions.

How to keep your kitchen clean

The cleanliness of the kitchen is largely determined not by the color of the finish, but by the property of its surface. On glossy facades, even after the most thorough cleaning, small imperfections will quickly appear, porous surfaces and synthetic fabrics will quickly absorb odors.

Reasonable organization of the kitchen space will help to maintain cleanliness without any problems:

  • the glass screen on the kitchen apron next to the sink is much faster to clean and wipe from splashes than the rough surface of the wall,
  • kitchen utensils on fasteners next to the stove will help to keep all the necessary trifles on hand,
  • railing with paper towels above the work surface will help to quickly remove any stain and avoid long cleaning after cooking dinner,
  • stand for drying dishes, a touch-sensitive tap, a trash can with a hinged lid and a foot pedal: these pleasant little things will help you keep your kitchen clean without much effort.

Small kitchen? Practical tips

Small-sized kitchens are often found in our apartments, and even in your own cottage there are not always enough free meters for a spacious kitchen. It’s just worth taking it for granted and see what can be done in the area that is reserved for the kitchen space. Take all reserves into account:

  • the working surface can be wrapped with an angle along the walls, significantly expanding its capabilities,
  • under the entire working surface place cabinets for large dishes and built-in appliances – an oven, a dishwasher, a washing machine,
  • if you really had to save on the area for the kitchen, do not save on its technical equipment, it will help even organize a fully functional and convenient kitchen kingdom a few meters away,
  • use all the reserves from the ceiling to the floor: high cabinets with mezzanines to the ceiling, suspended ceiling structures, kitchen rails next to the wall along the work surface.

Practical decor for the kitchen

Laconic, light materials and simple forms will give freshness to the kitchen interior. A good mix of natural materials and practical plastic will help to make the kitchen both cozy and functional. For example, translucent blinds may be sufficient for windows, for organizing a lighting system it is wise to use ceiling mounted lights and spotlights above the work surface and dining table. The design of the table, chairs and cabinets without unnecessary details will also simplify the process of maintaining cleanliness and give the interior visual ease.

Kitchen mechanisms to save space

Kitchen utensils are often of various sizes and shapes, which, of course, can create significant difficulties for storing all this variety. But it turns out that you can not only fit large pots and pans into an ordinary cupboard, but also in free space make a couple of shelves for small stewpan. To do this, you need to use not a standard shelf in the cabinet, but various kitchen mechanisms.

It can be metal corner constructions (pans and volumetric pans are placed on them), carousel-type systems (small kitchen utensils are stored on it), pull-out containers, drying dishes, dividers that delimit the volume of the box into cells. Then a few tiers of utensils will fit in the most ordinary cabinet and getting a saucepan even from the farthest corner will become simple and quick.

Very simple ways to organize your kitchen.

An indispensable tool in saving space for small kitchens will be multifunctional transforming furniture. Retractable and folding tables, folding chairs, sliding work surfaces – all this is easy to remove if necessary and quickly put back on. And instead of massive, wide doors for cabinets under the worktop, which are very inconvenient in narrow kitchens, you can use folding doors, sliding doors or textile screens.

No more confusion in the lockers!

The hustle and bustle, as you know, does not contribute to cleanliness, comfort, or just a pleasant process of cooking dinner in the kitchen. A modular storage system in a drawer near the work area will best help in the fight against such chronic confusion. Add a shallow drawer with ready-made or home-made dividers to fit the size of spoons, forks, jars for spices and other kitchen utensils. And voila – everything is in its place, and the kitchen surfaces are free from unnecessary objects and the space seems not only cleaner, but also more spacious.