Kitchen Amenities: Hostess Secrets


When planning your kitchen, remember the main thing – first of all, this is a working room, which should be functional and convenient. No matter what brilliant ideas were put into practice, the dining room remains the place where exactly practical actions are performed. For example, processing products, their storage, cooking all kinds of dishes, washing and storing dishes. If you don’t forget about it when designing it, you will greatly facilitate the life of not only yourself, but also your family and friends.

So, what moments can help make a kitchen cozy, convenient and healthy? Let’s get it together. Let’s start with the kitchen set. Before buying furniture, carefully calculate the size of the room. In this case, beauty does not play a major role. Priority points are practicality and comfort. For a small and compact kitchen, a corner set is perfect. Although there are also nuances here. If your kitchen is square, then it will fit perfectly. If the room is rectangular, then the corner headset, on the contrary, will intensify the situation.

What should be a kitchen table? To begin with, decide if you need a dining table in the kitchen. This question is especially relevant for small and cramped rooms. Think about whether you have lunch in the kitchen with your family. Which form is more suitable for you: for large families, if the size of the kitchen allows, a large rectangular table is suitable, if the kitchen is small – a round table without corners. If there are only two of you in the family, then it is better to give preference to a folding tabletop or a transformer table.

All other kitchen attributes are set at the request of the owners, the main thing is not to forget about the dimensions of the kitchen and harmoniously fit into the design the same bar counters or hanging drawers. Try to arrange all kitchen furniture and utensils so that it is convenient for you, so that every little thing is always at hand. Note: In the kitchen there are three main functional areas: stove, refrigerator and sink. The best option is when they are located at the same distance from each other!

By the way, the height of the work surface, as well as drawers and shelves are also selected based on the dimensions of the kitchen. It is better to place the tabletop at the level of the hostess’s belt, and the cabinets so that they do not have to reach far or place a chair every time. Make the space of your dining room comfortable just for you, not for someone else. For example, if the doors of the cabinets will open vertically, then you will avoid any bumps on the head.

Reiling – your assistant in the kitchen!

There are many devices that contribute to the creation of comfort and convenience in your kitchen. They help save space and provide quick access to kitchen utensils. The main such assistants are railings and suspension systems. What is this so-called “railing”? This is such a metal pipe that holds a variety of hooks or fixtures, all kinds of shelves and holders. They can be both vertical and horizontal. To install, you just need to fix a couple of screws in the ceiling or wall. Just do not hang such devices over the stove so that splashes of oil do not fly onto dishes or jars of spices.

Another important element of the dining room is the bin. It is most convenient if it will open with your foot, without hands, for example, by pressing the pedal. By the way, if the lower cabinets will also open with your foot, it will be very convenient.

And one more note: mirrored surfaces visually increase the room, the spotlighting of furniture also contributes to this. Most importantly, do not forget to consider your own needs when designing a kitchen, and you obviously will not go wrong.