How to Change Tractor Oil

How to Change Tractor Oil

It should be remembered that changing the oil in the tractor engine is an integral part of the process of servicing the diesel lubrication system. Maintenance of the diesel engine lubrication system includes: changing the oil in the tractor system, flushing the system itself, flushing the oil centrifuge and flushing the turbocharger filter.

Perform maintenance of the tractor lubrication system within the time specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. How to change the engine oil correctly and which oil to choose?

In order to find out which oil is suitable for your tractor, you can use the service manual or search on sites with technical characteristics such as tractorid or tractorlist.

To change the oil in the tractor diesel lubrication system, do the following:

  1. Place the tractor over the inspection pit;
  2. Immediately after stopping the heated diesel engine, unscrew the drain plugs of the crankcase, the plug in the upper part of the oil cooler and drain the tractor oil into the prepared container;
  3. Flush the plugs and breather with diesel fuel. After flushing, moisten the breather pad with oil and shake off excess;
  4. Screw in the plugs, pour 32 liters of fresh tractor oil into the crankcase, start up the diesel and run for 2-3 minutes;
  5. Stop the diesel engine, after 10 minutes measure the oil level for the tractor and top up to the upper mark on the oil dipstick;

With an engine running at low speed, the tractor oil level should be between the marks. The diesel engine is not allowed to operate when the oil level is below the lower mark on the oil dipstick!

When carrying out maintenance, after 50 hours of operation of a new tractor and maintenance 3, an additional flushing of the lubrication system is performed.

For flushing, after draining the used tractor oil from the system:

  1. Screw in drain plugs;
  2. Pour flushing oil into the diesel crankcase;
  3. Start the diesel engine, run for 2-3 minutes at an average crankshaft speed;
  4. Stop the diesel engine and drain the mixture into a container;

After completing the above procedures, add fresh tractor oil as described above. Also, if necessary, flush the pump oil receivers, perform this operation in conjunction with flushing the lubrication system.