Growing oyster mushrooms at home

To grow oyster mushrooms at home, it is not necessary to be a specialist in mycology (the science of mushrooms), you just need to follow the instructions for growing. All instructions are quite simple, it will not be difficult to follow them, subject to great desire on your part. First of all, it is necessary […]


Kitchen Amenities: Hostess Secrets

When planning your kitchen, remember the main thing – first of all, this is a working room, which should be functional and convenient. No matter what brilliant ideas were put into practice, the dining room remains the place where exactly practical actions are performed. For example, processing products, their storage, cooking all kinds of dishes, […]


Snow-White Clean Kitchen? No Problem!

We want so much even from a very small kitchen: beauty, practicality, comfort and cleanliness. But, I must say that all these requirements are quite feasible, not only with a wave of a magic wand, but using a well-thought-out layout and reasonable technological solutions. How to keep your kitchen clean The cleanliness of the kitchen […]